ICONFIT HydroBEEF+ Isolate (1KG)


Strength & Speed – keywords for muscle growth! You already know that beef is the best protein source for muscle development but how to get enough? The answer is ICONFIT HydroBEEF Isolate!

    • Very high protein content in HydroBEEF™ isolate.
    • 97% protein in unlfavoured and over 87% in flavoured.
    • Super fast absorption and easy digestability.
    • Lactose free, hormone free and soya free.
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What is ICONFIT HydroBEEF™ Isolate?


ICONFIT HydroBEEF™ Isolate gets you the best and most useful, functional parts of beef – it’s a perfect protein made from natural beef and completely hormone-free! The benefot of this product is it’s all-natural production process without any chemicals. Only high pressure and temperature are used for hydrolysis to extract the needed protein. After several hydrolysis process steps, the mass is spray-dried and gives us HydroBEEF™ – packed with 97% pure protein, necessary nutritionals, peptides, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Because of it’s natural manufacturing process, it is also easy to digest and body absorbs it quickly.

Unflavoured HydroBEEF™ hase a massive 97% protein content! It has almost no fat, zero carbs and low calories. Also it is much easier to digest and absorb than whey protein. In falvoured options we have added also a natural fibre from Orafti™ inulin and flavoured the mix to taste great!


HydroBEEF™ is a form of multi-stage peptides and an abundant source of BCAA (branched chain amino acids) leucine, isoleucine and valine, that are essential for musce growth and recovery.

BCAAs help reducing muscle fatigue during training, gives energy to muscle cells and makes your recovery much faster after training. Scientific studies have also compared beef protein vs whey protein and proved beef to be more effective to gain lean muscle mass. And this was even the case when dosing smaller amounts of beef protein. HydroBEEF™  is a completely new evolutional step in recovery and gaining lean muscle mass!

ICONFIT HydroBEEF™ Isolate nutrition (Unflavoured Version):


Nutrition: 25g 100g
Energy (kJ/kcal) 437/102 1750/410
Protein(g) 24,25 97,0
Carbohydrates(g) 0,00 0,0
…of which sugars 0,00 0,0 Net:
Fat(g) 0,50 2,0 1 KG
…of which saturated. 0,23 0,9
Salt (g) 0,50 2,0
Amino acids: (g/100g) *(Essential)  ///BCAA
Alanine 8,80 Lysine* 3,80
Arginine 7,50 Methionine* 0,90
Aspargic acid 6,00 Phenylalanine* 2,30
Cysteine 0,10 Proline 12,00
Glutamic acid 11,00 Serine 3,40
Glycine 20,00 Treonine* 2,10
Histidine* 1,10 Trypthophan* 0,36
Isoleucine*/// 1,70 Türosine 1,30
Leucine*/// 3,70 Valine*/// 3,00


What does ICONFIT HydroBEEF™ Isolate contain?


Chocolate: HydroBEEF™ Isolate, fibre Orafti™ inulin, natural cocoa powder, chocolate flavouring, sunflower lecithine (less than 1%), sweetener sucralose.

Unflavoured: Pure HydroBEEF™ Isolate, sunflower lecithine (less than 1%).

NB! In it’s pure form it’s quite neutral taste 97% protein. Great to add to different sports nutrition.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g

Chocolate, Unflavoured

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