ICONFIT Chia Seeds (800g)


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ICONFIT Chia Seeds in a large 800g resealable bag at an unbeatable price! Use this superfood in baking, drinks, smoothies and other foods 20-30g daily.

    • Natural Chia seeds at an unbeatable price!
    • Natural superfood with abundance of healthy properties.
    • Convenient large 800g resealable bag.
    • Great to use in vegan foods.
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> 100 in stock
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ICONFIT Chia Seeds are a natural superfood, that’s fantastic to use in different foods, drinks, smoothies to boost their nutritional value.

We offer these premium natural black chia seeds at an unbeatable price in a convenient 800g resealable bag. Reccommend to let chia seeds to soak in water a bit before use to make them soft.

Chia seeds are valued for their many useful properties:

    • High content of healthy omega-3 fatty acids.
    • Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxydants.
    • Speed up your metabolism and are healthy to your heart.
    • Lots of useful components for your bones and muscles (calcium, iron, magnesium etc.)


Nutrition in 100g:


20 g
       of which sugars
2 g
1 g
37,9 g
       of which saturated
31 g
3 g
Salt (natural, not added
0,05 g

Ingredients: Natural chia seeds. Origin Mexico. Keep in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.


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800g Bag, 600g Tub

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