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How to get back to your workout routine after the holidays and eat healthy again?

How to get back to your workout routine after the holidays and eat healthy again?

Holidays and celebrations are for fun. Sometimes it is a great time to exercise and eat a healthy diet, sometimes not. In both cases, it may take several days, weeks, or even months to return to your old routine. That is why you should not feel bad, but start to act step by step. Reasons why it’s so hard to continue with your old habits after the holidays Holidays usually lead to a drop in self-discipline - we feel free, we have fewer responsibilities and everyday worries. Restarting your workout feels like getting back to reality, while at the same time we feel a desire to extend our holiday for as long as possible. Exaggerating unhealthy food or skipping a workout creates the illusion that we can extend our vacation. Also, if we enjoy foods and beverages that are not part of our regular menu or eat larger portions than we are used to, we may feel exhausted from excess carbohydrates, sugar, sugary drinks, alcohol, and fatty foods. The body and body are powerless and do not cooperate with the spiritual side - it takes effort to start most activities. This makes it even harder to return to the training wave, we feel that we just can't find enough energy for that. 7 tips to get you back on a healthy lifestyle after the holidays

Take action now - don't think long

It is convenient to stay on the couch and think of excuses why not go to a workout. Even so convenient that we can stay there for hours, excuses are not over. A long walk is already a good start - better than not doing anything. If the comfort zone has already been crossed once, everything will be much easier the next time. Why not try the five-second rule, ie if you think about going to a workout, read upside down from five to one and start acting right away. So there is no time in the mind to surf the waves of the comfort zone.

Agree on a time and place to work out with a friend

Sometimes it helps to involve other parties in your training plans, so we feel responsible and don't want to let anyone down. If going to a sports club seems extremely difficult, ask a friend to pick you up before your workout. After a tiring effort, you can go out to eat together or prepare a healthy meal together. In addition to exercise, you can fill your social needs in this way. Don't forget to make a new appointment! In addition, working out together is always more fun. Why not involve not just one friend but several - it is always more confusing in the company.

Set a deadline for the first post-holiday workout

Getting back to a healthy lifestyle right after the holidays can be difficult and it's perfectly normal to take a few days to collect, but be sure to set a deadline for your first workout. It is not good to push it too far into the future - the sooner the better. Your body and mind have long been waiting for energy food. It is best to write this date on paper and affix it to the refrigerator or bathroom mirror, for example - this will make it impossible not to notice this deadline. You will most likely ask yourself "why didn't I start earlier" after the workout because you feel so much better. In addition to exercising, we cannot forget about a balanced diet, which affects our well-being, energy levels and motivation. It is easiest not to buy unhealthy food at home, to cook as much fruit and vegetables as possible. If you feel the need for extra strength after a long workout, you'll find a variety of proteins in our products that are important for muscle recovery and development. Pea and hemp protein is also available, which is great for vegans. Thanks to our products, you can find the motivation and energy to return to your pre-holiday routine again, and in addition you will achieve the expected results faster. All our products can be conveniently ordered through the e-shop at home or from a parcel machine. You can find a wide variety of proteins HERE.

Self-pity only makes things worse

 After the holidays and the holidays, we can become depressed, often with shame and guilt that we have lost ourselves. This feeling is especially amplified when extra pounds are added. By the end of the day, self-blame won't take us anywhere, we'll fall deeper into the pit of black depression. If you feel that negative thoughts are taking over, plan a walk with music or a podcast. If you feel that you need more company, call a friend and invite him or her to a workout or do something else interesting together. In such moments, it is wise not to be alone with your worries. Do not forget that with thoughts and actions we create our own reality. We are responsible for our own happiness and well-being. It is convenient to blame others for the problems, but it does not help us one step closer to the desired goals.

Goal Setting

Setting new goals helps increase motivation. Why not take a vacation back as a period of new challenges. Here it is important to keep in mind the previous results and be careful to avoid overloading. Conversely, too high a training or nutrition ambition can be frustrating because they may not be achieved. It is wise to start training again gradually. The main goal could be even stronger, healthier and more energetic than before. Be it 1000 steps more every day, a short yoga practice in the morning or adding weight to the gym. Be sure to write down your goals, as they are more likely to be achieved.

Try something completely new and exciting

If you lack motivation to return to your old exercise or nutrition routine, think out of the box and try something completely new. Nowadays, there are many different ways to train, such as trampoline training, water aerobics or why not try bachata dancing in romantic hot rhythms. In winter, when it is snowing, many ski trails are open all over Estonia, and equipment can be rented in many of them. So - if alone seems like something completely new to try scary then grab a friend or partner. The same goes for food, try new and exciting recipes and flavors. If you have been traveling, remember which country cuisine you liked the most and look for recipes. Dive into Italian or Japanese cuisine and prepare a delicious dinner for family or friends. If you feel you don't have the time or will to cook and would like to lose a few extra pounds after the holiday then ICONFIT Diet WHEY Protein and ICONFIT Diet Shake reach out to you. These are great products if you want to feel lighter after the holidays and look for a meal replacement.  Dietary protein helps replenish protein while being low in carbs. It contains fiber to help keep your stomach fuller and promotes better digestion. High in protein provides the amino acids (including essential BCAAs) needed for muscle development, and its 23 different vitamins and minerals help stimulate our bodies after the holidays. In addition, green tea extract speeds up the fat burning process. Dietary protein is great if you want to keep your menu very low in carbs. It's also good to use at the end of your workout to get the right amount of protein to build muscle while keeping your stomach full for the next few hours. Diet cocktail however, the amount of carbohydrates is higher. The source of carbohydrates there is predominantly the ultra-low glycemic index Palatine ™, which gives the body smooth energy over time, and research shows that it even contributes to weight loss . Do not be afraid of a moderate amount of carbohydrates in the diet, it is necessary for energy. Diet cocktail keeps your stomach full! Like a diet protein, a diet cocktail is also high in fiber, green tea extract, and 23 different minerals and vitamins. Check out the products HERE

Remember how good it was to exercise

Exercising increases the levels of endorphins or happiness hormones in the body. It affects the body like a drug, making it less difficult to find the time, will and opportunities to go to a workout next time. Remember how you felt after a workout. You must have felt that you have done something useful for yourself. We also feel that we have more energy and feel lighter after eating healthy food. A complete diet provides our body with the nutrients and minerals it needs. If you feel that you are not getting enough of the food you need and need extra support to replenish your New Year’s supplies, you will find a CREA Shortcut Complex in our products. combines BCAA 2: 1: 1, creatine, vitamins, minerals, and fast and slow carbs for energy. We also have a selection of ICONFIT BCAAs 2: 1: 1 A complex of amino acids that includes the branched chain amino acids of BCAA, including L-Leucine (2 parts), L-Isoleucine (1 part), and L-Valine (1 part). These are essential amino acids that are not produced by the body and must be obtained from food. ICONFIT BCAA 2: 1: 1 is the best and purest source of concentrated amino acids. Amino acids build muscle, cause chemical reactions in the body, transport nutrients, prevent disease and perform other functions. Lack of amino acids in our body can cause various health problems such as low immunity, depression or digestive problems. These two products are a complete set you need to start your workout, develop physical strength and extra energy.

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