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ICONFIT Stevia-Based Sweetener (Zero Calories)

ICONFIT Stevia-Based Sweetener is a zero-calorie sugar substitute. It consists of natural erythritol and stevia leaf extract and is very similar in appearance to white sugar, with similar properties as well, but is completely calorie-free.

  • Ideal as a sugar substitute in a variety of dishes, drinks, and baked goods.
  • Available in an environmentally friendly (FSC) reusable 350 g cardboard container or a large 1KG bag!
  • Ingredients include natural sweeteners erythritol and stevia leaf extract.
  • Has very similar sweetness and properties as sugar. Can be used in a variety of dishes, drinks, baked goods, and even whipped cream.
  • Ideal for ketogenic diets, as it contains no sugar and carbohydrates but still adds sweetness to your foods.

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Size: 350g Can

    ICONFIT Stevia-Based Sweetener is a zero-calorie sugar substitute produced in Estonia. It is very similar in appearance to white sugar and has similar properties, but is completely calorie-free. Ingredients include the natural sweeteners erythritol (naturally present in pears, watermelons, grapes, etc.) and stevia leaf extract.


    Steviol glycoside, which is derived from the stevia plant, is the most popular healthy zero-calorie sugar substitute in the world. Stevia is native to South America, where it has been used for more than 1,500 years to sweeten food. Stevia leaf extract is 300 times sweeter than regular table sugar, which is why it cannot be used in its undiluted form in a domestic setting. When combined with erythritol, however, it works perfectly.


    Erythritol is naturally present in pears, watermelons and grapes and its crystals closely resemble table sugar. However, it is not as sweet as sugar, which is why it works so well in combination with natural stevia leaf extract. Erythritol is also calorie-free and does not raise blood sugar levels, making it ideal for diabetics.

  • HOW TO USE: ICONFIT Stevia-Based Sweetener can be used just like regular sugar: add it to coffee or tea or use it in cooking or baking to sweeten your dishes without the extra calories. Make sugar-free whipped cream by substituting regular sugar with our sweetener. Not suitable for caramelisation.

  • INGREDIENTS: Natural erythritol, steviol glycoside (stevia leaf extract). Produced in Estonia.

    Energy (kJ/kcal) 0
    Protein (g) 0
    Carbohydrate (g) 0
    of which sugars (g) 0
    Fat (g) 0
    of which saturated (g) 0
    Salt (g, not added) 0

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Kristiine H.

Super, soovitan

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Meeldiva maitsega, hea hinna ja kvaliteediga. Soovitan!

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Olen proovinud steviat mitmete erinevate brändide poolt, ning siiani on iconfiti omal kõige parem hinna-kvaliteedi suhe. Soovitan.


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ICONFIT Quality & Care

ICONFIT Quality & Care

All ICONFIT products are developed and produced with care and based on highest European quality standards. We develop our products together with nutritional specialists, athletes and food technologists.

ICONFIT products do not contain any unnecessary artificial stabilisers, colourants or preservatives. Our customers keep coming back thanks to our product quality, purity and delicious flavours.